Pedro, The Pig that Wanted to Fly/17

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He sat in the muddy sty, dazed, bewildered, half dead. As he had his face and snout covered with mud and could not breathe easily, he gave a mighty sneeze. The mud flew in all directions. Everyone got muddy, the cow, the horse, the chicken, the goat and even Blue Jay who was no longer blue and beautiful; now he was black and muddy! A bee flying by was muddied too. She got angry, dove at him and stung him in the ear! The cow mooed, the goat bleated, the horse whinnied and Blue Jay said: “Hey Pedro, it is not nice to spit in my face. I am not anymore your friend. So, goodbye.”
Pedro was sad because of his failure to fly, because of his aching ear, and above all because of the loss of his friend.