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In the Solar

Ethnomusicologist David Garcia, in his book Arsenio Rodriguezz (PUP: 2000) mentions how Arsenio Rodriguez, before moving to 152 E. 116th street in El Barrio, New York (between 3rd. and Lexington Avenues), lived on times in the 1930s and 1940s in Carraguoa in the Havana barrio of El Cerro and also on times in the barrio of Los Sitios. In fact Arsenio recorded as many as nine guaguancos praising the black barrios of Havana: Amalia in Belén, El Cerro, Belén, Pueblo Nuevo, Los Sitios, Colón, Luyano, Cayo Hueso and Pogolotti, in the barrio of Rendención in Marianao.