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Island in The Stream

"El Manglar was a barrio outside of the walls of Havana, on the shore of the bay, so-called for its abundance of mangroves found there, limiting the number of people who could live among the swamps and lagoons...but in this barrio could be found the camps of Los Negros Curros and it was this that defined them...El Manglar was the underworld of Havana...El Manglar was not the only 'seat' of the Curros, but also the suburbs of Horcón and Jesus Maria contained famous Curros, but those of Manglar eclipsed them all...before the great fire that turned everything into ashes in 1802."*

*Los Negros Curros. Fernando Ortíz. Havana, Ed. de Ciencias Sociales: 1995 (Citation trans. by Gethin James)