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Everybody loved Orula, the master of divination. That is why, when Ikú jokingly said, “I’ll go get Orula!” straight away there was someone bright enough to run to his house and let him know.
“Ikú wants to come for you. Get outa here!”
But Orula did not take off. He sat down for as long as it took to organize his thoughts. Step by step, he devised a scheme to fool Ikú.
Some days later, there was a knock on his door.
“Who’s there?” a strange voice called out.
“A friend. I’ve just stopped over.”
The door opened. An old man’s face floated before her; lumpy and grey haired. Ikú was taken aback:
“Orula’s not here?”
“No, Ma’am! Orula’s not here no more.”
“Hmm, somebody got it wrong. Good-bye. Sorry to bother you.”
The old man closed the door. He was none other than Orula! He had made up the disguise himself. He gave out a low chuckle so that Ikú, who was grumbling on her way, would not hear. A few days later…
“Open up, you old liar! I want to see Orula!”
The door swung open again and two smiling eyes faced Ikú’s anger. Again Ikú was shocked, seeing an old man.
“Orula went out and won’t be back ‘n a while. Come on in and wait.”
Ikú went in and sat down. It was dinner time. Seeing that Ikú was yawning and hungry, the make-believe old man set the table. He invited her to dig in.
“Well, I’ll taste a little something while waiting. Just a morsel,” she said.
She lodged her sledgehammer in the corner and sat at table. Almost everything on Orula’s table disappeared down Ikú’s throat. “Lie down for a jiffy. Orula won’t be back this soon.”
The old man was persuasive…In no time Ikú was out like a light and she no longer remembered the reason for the trip. Orula took the advantage. He got Ikú’s sledgehammer out of sight and thus disarmed her. Then, after taking off his disguise, he sat down in front of her, and waited for her to come around! When Ikú opened her peepers she saw the smiling face of divination! She dashed to get her weapon. But it was not there!
She looked around for the old man. He was not there either. Dammit! Then it sank in! Orula had made a royal ass of her. And he had rid her of her weapon. She took off like a scared cat. With his satisfied laughter, Orula closed down the road. Never again would be seen there the ugly mug of Ikú.