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Everyone said he was a unique man who did little else but heal the sick. He spent days and nights, before dawn if needs be, tending to the injured bodies he found along his way.
He was a good friend of Osaín’s. From him he had acquired the knack of finding effective remedies in the few last blades of grass, in the gaunt tree, in the common jungle flower.
A good friend, too, of Babalú Ayé. From him he had acquired the knowledge of all the many sicknesses of the body. And the lack of respect of which the soul of man is capable!
What seemed to make it more intriguing, he did not have a woman. Nobody knew of any old relationships, either. Maybe, because he seemed to be a challenge to seduce, Oshún decided to tangle him in her skirts.
“It will be interesting,” she replied, when she was told that he was not the right man for her.
“There must be blood in his veins,” she retorted, when told that he only had eyes for sick folk.
“If he hates diseases, he’s got to love life and beauty. And what’s my body made of if it’s not life and beauty?” she replied, proudly, when reminded that he paid scant attention to certain things.
So she got going on her plan of seduction. A little at a time, and coquettish as only she could be. Step by step…day by day. Oshún succeeded when doctor Inlé, breaking with what was then custom for him, looked at her one day. He looked at her again and was shook to the shoes by something he did not quite understand.Thus they entwined their bodies and their dreams and for a long time. While this was going on, Inlé forgot his patients, forgot his obsessions, forgot the names of his plants, forgot the ways of healing all manner of diseases...Nobody knows how or why, one day he went back to his old ways. He returned to his patients and to healing the sick. And Oshún’s making herself beautiful again, to arouse him, did not pan out at all. After enjoying the madness of love, her threats to leave him did no good either. She was still in love for sure, but despite all entreaties, he seemed no longer to know her. Inlé was everybody’s doctor again. Just the doctor, nothing else. When Oshún had had enough, she went off to look for some other affair.