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Obba loved Changó, but she had one problem: she did not want to share him with anybody else. And there was flirtatious Oshún winning him over, stealing him away. And sparkling, noisy Oyá dazzling him. Why could not have Oyá stayed with Ogún? Things would have been so much easier…
Obba spent days and nights pondering what to do to have the master of thunder and lightning desire her alone. Then the idea of cooking delicious food, and her man’s favourite food, came to her mind. She went to the jungle and filled her skirt with fresh okra. While cooking, she sang joyfully. Her sweet and tender voice floated among the smell of the seasoning. She was aroused just to think with what delight Changó would savour this meal. Then it crossed her mind…meat…the meat…She had been so into her daydreaming that she had forgotten the most important thing: the meat. And it was now too late to go out and get it. She thought she had already felt his footsteps in the distance. She almost felt she could hear his breath and know his thoughts.
She did not have much time so she did not give it a second thought. With her trembling hands she cut off her own ears. Now the meal was ready.
The drummer arrived, hungry as usual, amorous as ever.
The first thing he did was realize there was something new, something different, something strange about her.
“Why that scarf around your head? You never wear that.”
He sat down and ate until he could eat no more. He expressed his pleasure with the meal Obba had made for him.
“Come on, take off that scarf. I like seeing your whole face…and your beautiful ears.” And he took off her scarf.
He saw the mutilated ears!
It was no longer a woman but a sea of tears in front of Changó’s horrified face. No longer a woman, but an endless waterfall of tears.
She confessed what had happened. Her sacrifice was rewarded with straight loathing and rejection. It all happened in a moment. Her world collapsed with Changó’s furious slamming of the door. The thunder voice could be heard fading in the distance:
“I don’t want to see your face anymore! How could you do that to yourself? Now you’re are ugly! I can’t love you now!”
That is how everything happened.
Now Obba is alone and sorrowful; she is always to be found crying, hiding in the shadow of some grave in the cemetery.