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Ogún handled his machete with great skill. In the mornings, the glint of the sun would be reflected on his restless blade which, flashing up and down, left its trail of freshly cut grass. Despite this skill, however, he had a hard time finding food. When he would spot an animal in the distance, and try to catch it, the sound of his machete in the tall grass warned the prey. No matter how carefully he stalked, the animal would take off long before he got there. Days would go by without Ogún getting anything to eat.
Ochosi was skilled enough to spy out the merest shadow of a bird, hiding behind a shaking leaf; he could discern the silent hutia, whose meat is so delicious, behind the slightest movement of a stone. As soon as he got the nervous prey in reach, his aim never failed. The problem with this was that the speed of the arrow would send the animal flying and then there was always that grass in the way! It would take him ages to get to the spot and by the time he did, the meat was no longer fresh…
One day, both Ogún and Ochosi were leaning against a tree, both very hungry and tired. They started to complain aloud about their difficulties and heard each other out:
“For all your skill with the machete there’s nothing you can do about it,” said Ochosi.
“Same goes for your skill as hunter—don’t seem much you can do about it either,” Ogún retorted.
Then after thinking about the situation for a while, they both said at the same time: “Let’s try working together!”
And they did. Ochosi, superb archer, did the shooting; once the animal fell to the ground, Ogún quickly eliminated the grass between them and their prey. Finally, they overcame the problem of their food!
Now both of them could relish the savoury game, provided by the jungle, day after day…