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One day the sun dried out the land and plants could not reach out for air. Animals, hiding in the jungle, would not allow men to hunt them.
Orula then summoned three powerful orishas: Ogún, Changó and Ochosi. “We are all famished! I want you to hunt in the jungle. Bring me everything you catch.”
He gave them each some food for the journey.
They arrived at the dense jungle and each went in a different direction. Ogún, master of metals, walked resolutely, shaking the trees! Even the wind was scared, and stopped whenever he did! Eventually he came across a goat. He was so hungry he devoured it on the spot! Ochosi, hunter among the hunters, walked endlessly. He recognized all the different animal trails as he went along. After what seemed like ages, he discovered a hutia. In his hunger he wolfed it down right there! Strong-armed Changó walked a good bit too. The sunshine followed him and it lit up impenetrable corners of the jungle behind him. It took a long time, but he found a cock. Was he hungry! But Changó remembered his promise to Orula. He tossed the cock into his bag. Wondering why the three powerful orishas had been so delayed, Orula hailed them as they came into sight:
“What you got? Why so long?”
“Nothing, Boss. I found nothing,” lied Ogún.
“Nor me, Chief. I found nothing either,” Ochosi the same.
“Here you go, Captain, just this cock,” winced Changó.
Orula noticed Changó had returned weak and thin and that he had eaten nothing. He saw how stronger Ogún and Ochosi were. He could see they had lied to him, that they had broken their promises.
“You’re full of it, Ogún! More lies from you too, Ochosi! Changó, is the one who has kept his word! He gets the reward. He will be powerful and his people will make him their king, one day.”
“But you two,” pointing his finger at them, “go back to the jungle and hunt for grub!” That is how Orula gave each what each deserved.
And time went by, and his prediction worked out. Changó became the popular monarch of a powerful city—the city of Oyó.