The Birth of The Gods

The fabulous artistry of Lawrence Chaplin

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Cupid Angered

The Seventh Day

The Dioscuri


The Eschaton

The Flood





La Muerte

The Incarnate

The Immanent





Lawrence Chaplin draws on the archetypes, the fantasies, the myths, and the phobias of western mankind. And to achieve this he gives us the spectacle of the overbrimming sensuality of organic life. Whether such organisms are the stamens of flowers or the female fallopian systems of the body, they serve as vehicles to express the painter's synesthetic vision. Why synesthetic? In the manner in which the artist celebrates the organic world in its prolific essence. Pistils and tendrils, muscles and sinew, plasma and tissue. All these burgeon and radiate out onto his canvases with the uncontrollable force of parturition. Every painting is a creative birth in the manner of Dylan Thomas' poem Before I knocked and flesh let enter:

As yet ungotten, I did suffer:

The rack of dreams my lily bones

Did twist into a living cipher,

And flesh was snipped to cross the lines

Of gallow crosses on the liver

And brambles in the wringing brains.

As Dylan Thomas wrote from the standpoint of the foetus in this poem so, in his art, Lawrence Chaplin paints from the standpoint of the supra-organic, finding sublimity in the viscera of life.

Startling in his originality, Lawrence Chaplin is destined to have his place in the pantheon of great Canadian painters and, as such, the pieces in the exhibition are all, with no exaggeration, collectors' items and the stuff of arts investment par excellence.