Lawrence Chaplin/Ezili. 48"X43" Oil on Masonite, $4300

She is the agile and elegant goddess of love and of sex. The patron of prostitutes and lover of each member of the Haitian trinity. Goddess of beauty, flowers, and fine things. Ezili was also known to the denizens of night since her jurisdiction extended to the kingdom of dreams and sleep. She is wealthy beyond imagination, and, when called, she will appear only if you offer her even more luxury and riches. Worshipers of Ezili draw baths laden with expensive oils and perfumes. She is generous and picky. Once you have come into her favor, the goddess will make sure you never want again. She can elevate mankind to magnificence and bring the loa down to human level. She gives her men warm hugs. She makes elderly women feel desirable and young. She can also be manic-depressive with irrational, severe mood swings.