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Vintage Cremas Superiores Label

"By 1827 Cuba had over three hundred distilleries hissing and bubbling away, and by 1860, there were over a thousand. (Like Voodoo in Haiti, Santeria in Cuba demands rum for its rituals.) The early Cuban rum-makers relied upon the primitive French guildives or alembics, possibly imported from Saint-Domingue by fleeing refugees..."*

*Ian Williams. Rum, A Social and Sociable History. Nation Books: 2006


Historic Chart Cuban Rum Manufactureres

Chart: T he Cuban Distillation Industry after the census of 1860-1862 (Part One)

Siglas (Abbreviations)

B: Trabadores Blancos (White Workers)

C: Trabadores de Color (Blacks)

C; Ciudad de La Habana or Intramuros

C.H: Habana Rural o Extramuros

P.P: Puerto Príncipe (Camaguey)

S.C: Santiago de Cuba

S.S: Sancti Spiritus

P.d.R: Pinar del Rio

V.C: Santa Clara