The Seven Sisters 12 X 14" print from the Pyramid Series. $350.

The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor was associated with erotic music and dancing, She was patron of sexual love, and the arts. While the Greeks identified her with Aphrodite, she naturally became the Egyptian's equivalent of the Romans' Venus.

Egyptian women prayed to Hathor for assistance during childbirth, and as a cow deity she was envisioned as suckling infants. On the occasion of a birth in Egypt, seven Hathors would appear to 'speak with one mouth' and determine the child's fate. These goddesses were worshiped in seven cities: Thebes, Heliopolis, Aphroditopolis, Sinai, Momemphis, Herakleopolis, and Keset.

The Seven Sisters are linked to the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation Taurus, known even today as the Seven Sisters. To the Greeks, these same Seven Sisters eventually symbolized the seven daughters of Atlas.

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