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Ezili Freda

"In every sanctuary there is a room, or corner of a room, dedicated to Ezili. Her red and blue dresses and jewels are kept there, and, on a table, always ready toi hand, lie basin, towel, soap, toothbrush, comb, lipstick and soon as Ezili possess a devotee, man or woman, the chosen person is led into the room to be dressed and titivated...She is so fond of men that she instinctively mistrusts women as rivals; she treats them haughtily and greets them by hooking her little finger in theirs..."

Alfred Métraux. Voodoo In Haiti . Schocken Books, New York: 1959 (Trans. By Hugo Charteris)


"Pale and trembling, Ezili inhabits the waters. In her less pleasant manifestation as Ezili Gé Rouge (The red-eyed One) she is Petro and held to be the wife of the hard drinking Simbi."*

*Herskovits, MJ. Life in A Hatian Valley. Octagon Books, New York: 1964


"Called the' lwa of love,' Ezili demands that the word be reinvented. In her rites, notice of affection or attachment undergo strange but instructive metamorphoses. She possesses men as well as women: both sexes take on her attributes and accede to her mystique of femininity. Ezil also choses women as well as men in 'mystic marriage.'.. She is no fertility goddess...she is not a mother."

Joan Dayan. Haiti, History and The Gods. U. of California Press: Berkeley: 1995

(Notes compiled by Gethin James)