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Ogu Fe Feray

"Ogu is seen in the guise of an old veteran of the 'time of bayonets' (the civil wars)...The Ogu always waive a sabre or machet. They affect the brusque and lively language of a soldier and season it with coarse oaths. They chew a cigar and demand rum in the time-honoured phrase Gren mwé frét (My balls are cold). The members of this celestial family are great drinkers. Alcohol has no effect on them."*

*Alfred Métraux. Voodoo in Haiti. Schòcken Books, New York: 1959 (Trans. by Hugo Charteris)

Ogu Fe Feray is widely known in Haiti as the husband of Ezili Freda.

(Notes compiled by Gethin James)