When the Nago Africans came to Haiti, their spirits became grouped together as Ogu. There are many and Ogu has become a name for a family of spirits; these form a Nasyon. (Nation) In this case the Nasyon Nago. Some of the commonly known Ogu are Ogu Sen Jak, Ogu Yemsen, Ogu Badagri, Ogu Balindjo, and more. The Ogu family of spirits embody the principles of intelligence, pioneering, and justice. Ogu is the lwa of power, authority, and triumph. The crusader Saint James the Great, who vanquished the Moors, is identified with Ogu Feray, the warrior hero, and protecter of the Voodoo community. Ogu is associated with fire and rum and carries an iron saber and wears a red sash. In modern times, Ogu often may take the form of a political figure.

"Born in Haiti, (Emperor Jean-Jacques) Dessalines is called lwa krêol (Creol god). As Ogou Desalin, he walks with the African Ogou, the gods of war and politics that remain in Haiti in their multiple aspects."

Joan Dayan. Haiti, History and The Gods. U. of California Press, Berkeley: 1995

(Notes compiled by Gethin James)